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Peter Novak
professional: Meandair B.V.
Olof Palmestraat 14
2616 LR Delft
The Netherlands
e-mail: pno [at]

I keep this personal homepage for archival purposes, primarily to keep my old academic papers and references on-line for future reference. I do not intent to update the page anymore, if you are interested in me, or my past, please contact me directly.

Between 2004 and 2015 I worked as a computer scientist at various EU universities:

My research work broadly focused on enabling construction of resilient knowledge-intensive autonomous systems. My fields of expertise include (re-)configuration of information flows in information aggregating systems, planning, reactive action selection, trajectory planning in multi-robot systems, as well as knowledge representation and reasoning for autonomous decision making and multi-agent simulations. While being primarily interested in fundamental insights into the problems, I strive to ground my research in industrial applications and societal challenges and my work is driven by prototyping and experimentation.

My broad research interests include: artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, configuration and reconfiguration of knowledge-intensive systems, cognitive robotics, agent architectures, agent-oriented programming and software engineering, multi-agent planning, plan repair, multi-robotics, coordination, teamwork, knowledge representation and reasoning, interaction with dynamic environments

An alternative view on the actual topics of my research provides a statistical analysis of my publications. The snapshot shows the language of my publications as of May 2011 (thanks to Wordle).

Statistics of the language of my publications