Peter Novák / Misc

Here I provide some miscellaneous files/downloads I created for my personal purposes, but others might find them useful as well.

Spellchecker dictionaries for Vim 7.0

To be able to write, edit and spellcheck e-mails (advertisement: use mutt!) without diacritics in Slovak and German I adapted the original language dictionaries to include also words with non-ASCII characters transformed to plain ASCII.

Combined original and plain ASCII dictionary for Slovak language:

Combined original and plain ASCII dictionary for German (region DE) language:

Combined original and plain ASCII dictionary for Dutch language:

February 5, 2015 - Published the first version of the Dutch dictionary.
February 19, 2007 - Fixed the German dictionary. Bug with words starting with Ö was fixed (Ökonomie, Ökologie, etc.)
November 14, 2006 - Published the first versions of Slovak and German dictionaries.


  1. Download and unpack the spellchecker dictionary tarball for the desired language
  2. copy the dictionary to ~/.vim/spell/
  3. now you use the dictionary in Vim by executing:
    :setlocal spell spelllang=sknodiac
    For German, use:
    :setlocal spell spelllang=denodiac
Find more information in the official Vim documentation.

These dictionaries are not perfect and are a plain automatic conversion without a special care for grammar. They include all the words of the original language dictionary with diacritics as well as all the words without it. However, words mixing diacritics with plain ASCII style are not included and also there can be problems with respect to suffixes including diacritics.

Note that these dictionaries are compiled for use with UTF-8 terminal encoding.

Example of transcoding in Slovak:
Čučoriedková žinčica --> Cucoriedkova zincica

Example of transcoding in German:
süßer Jäger aus München und Ökonomie --> suesser Jaeger aus Muenchen und Oekonomie

LyX layouts

In order to make writing of my scientific papers with ACM LaTeX document classes in LyX easier, I adapted the original LyX layouts of Johaness Grad for use with LyX 1.4.*/1.5.* (and hopefully above versions as well). The corresponding LaTeX document classes can be found at ACM website.

I also created a set of LyX templates for submission to AAMAS conferences and AAAI conferences/symposia. These are trivial derivations from the above provided ACM template, however lazy souls might find them useful.

The corresponding LaTeX document classes for AAMAS submissions can be found at AAMAS 2008 submission site and the AAAI author's kit can be downloaded directly from the AAAI website.


All the files on this page are published under GNU/GPL license. Additionally, in the case you find these either helpful, or buggy, please let me know.